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A Brief Introduction to Tianjin No. 3 High School

????????Tianjin No. 3 High School was the first public high school in Tianjin, having been established in 1901 in the Qing Dynasty, when Emperor Guangxu was in power. It was originally named, ?°„The Official High School,?°ņ and was later renamed several times. In 1949 it was named ?°„Tianjin No. 3 High School.?°ņ The school was originally situated in the Bell Pavilion (Ling Dang Ge), one of the three most historical sites in Tianjin, and later moved to the present location (Ding Zi Gu) in 1960. The school was designated as one of the most important high schools in Tianjin in 1984, and was ranked as a ?°„Famous Chinese High School?°ņ in 1994.

The school has nurtured a lot of talented people since it was founded. Many famous people, known both in China and abroad, are among its graduates. Some have become famous artists, linguists, calligraphists, medical experts, university presidents, government officials, and so forth. Some graduates of the school are now working as academicians in institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Science and the Engineering Institute of China. The revolutionary martyrs, Mr. Yu Fangzhou and Mr. An Xingsheng, who once worked together with Premier Zhou Enlai, are early alumni of the school.

The school covers an area of 66,157 square meters, with an architectural area of 41,036 square meters. The gymnasium, dormitories and the scientific and technical hall occupy an area of 13,380 square meters. It has an outdoor sports facility with a standard 400-meter track. All these facilities help to create a favorable environment for study. The school now has a staff of about 300, which is responsible for 3,200 students. There are six grades in all.

The school has achieved great success in all aspects of its work and the teaching level has steadily increased. As a result, one hundred percent of the students of the school have been admitted into universities or colleges for further study in the past few years. Therefore, it has received a lot of favorable recognition.

With its glorious history, the old school will achieve much in the new century. Presently, the teachers and students are working diligently to create a school which is unique and first-class. The school is

sure to graduate leaders in our society for the future.

Welcome to Tianjin No. 3 High School!

Faculty Members of the International Exchange Department
Ms Wang Lu, Vice-principal, in charge of International Exchange Programs
Ms Guo Weiwei, English teacher
Ms Li Lin, English teacher
Gemma Gerzon, Teacher from UK
Toya Smith and Alasdair Braid, Teachers from UK